Throat Repair 30ml Oral Spray

Throat Repair 30ml Oral Spray

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Rapid Rescue for the throat and mouth. Throat Repair is a traditional plant medicine to soothe a raw or tickly throat. Throat Repair's special cooling action is immediate, to instantly soothe a sickly throat and support your immune system. The nozzle accurately coats the affected area, to hit exactly where it tickles to remove irritation.

Specific support for sore throats.
Throat Repair is traditional plant medicine for sore throats. 

Key features:

  • All natural anti-septic, anaesthetic, demulcent formula soothes, protects and heals the throat and mouth
  • Gets to work rapidly to provide soothing relief
  • Reduces inflammation associated with sore throats and infection
  • Numbing sensation
  • Assists healing mouth ulcers
  • Additional adrenal support
  • All natural formula