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Natural products to supplement your holistic healthcare

Welcome to Health Within, a natural health clinic located in the heart of Westmere, Auckland.

For over 25 years our clinic has provided expert osteopathic care and personalised natural health consultations.

Our team of five dedicated osteopaths offers both in-person treatments and remote consultations via phone and email, ensuring holistic health support is always within your reach.

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Our director Dr Rebecca Walker is a medical researcher with a PhD in Paediatrics from the University of Auckland.

She has authored articles on vitamin D, glue ear, the immune system, and the human microbiome and has been speaker at international medical conferences.

Her dual expertise as a qualified osteopath and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Auckland ensures that our approach to health is informed, innovative, and empathetic.

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We offer an extensive range of natural health products, thoughtfully selected to address health concerns across all stages of life.

Our offerings cater to the unique needs of pregnant individuals, babies, children, adults, and the elderly. We offer high-potency supplements that can only be supplied after a practitioner consultation.

Dr. Walker personally oversees these consultations, considering your current medications and supplements, and may suggest additional testing or referrals to other health specialists as needed for a comprehensive care approach.

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At Health Within, we are committed to the philosophy that your body possesses a powerful, innate ability to heal itself.

By tapping into this natural potential and adopting a multi-faceted approach to healthcare we can support the body's own repair mechanisms. To facilitate this, our team has curated a selection of products that align with these principles, ensuring you have access to the best tools for your health journey. Each item in our range has been chosen for its quality and efficacy, so you can trust that the choices we offer are guided by expertise and care. With Health Within, you're not just choosing supplements; you're embracing a philosophy of healing and wellness that respects and enhances your body's inherent strength.

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