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AM Blend

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Mother Made AM Blend is a powerful blend of adaptogenic mushrooms designed to help you conquer the day. It contains natural ingredients that support brain and body functions, helping you feel energized and focused to tackle your daily goals.

Mothers Made AM Blend combines a selection of adaptogenic mushrooms packed-full of beta glucan polysaccharides to help you seize the day. 


100% mushrooms, blending:

Lion’s Mane — to switch on the brain, the ultimate brain food  (50%)

Cordyceps — for an energy boost, the get up and go  (25%)

Chaga — to help strengthen your immunity & aid your body’s natural detoxification systems  (25%)

Our mushrooms powders are all dual extracts from the fruiting body.

No fillers | No additives

30 serves (1 tsp)

How to use:

Morning mushrooms are a popular addition to your morning coffee - simply stir in! 

Our AM Blend is super versatile though, you could add to your morning smoothie, or mix it into your go-to breakfast