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Elite electrolyte

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BioTrace Elite Electrolyte Liquid with Zest is an exceptional source of electrolytes, minerals and trace elements in a 100% natural, sugar-free concentrate. It enables you to easily and affordably turn your plain water into a convenient sports performance drink that is suitable for all busy, active people including athletes and children and for the elderly.

Electrolyte loss during intense training and endurance activity is associated with fatigue, cramping dehydration, and impaired performance.  

When purchasing elite you are buying just concentrated electrolytes, not paying for sugar, flavourings, or the shipping of water. This is higher quality at a fraction of the price. ELITE was launched in response to an unanswered need within the marketplace as many sports drinks and electrolyte-replacement formulas contain high amounts of sugar and low levels of electrolytes, which often lead to a host of unpleasant side effects such as bloating, stomach cramps, and nausea, that interfere when performance truly counts. Further, most electrolyte-replacement products contain one or two electrolytes sodium and/or potassium.

ELITE is the only electrolyte in its class athletes can add to their hydration system or water bottle that allows them to replace all of the electrolytes they lose during activity while maintaining complete control over the amount of carbs they consume. 

Some of the roles of the Major Electrolytes: 
Potassium: Muscle function; nerve conduction; water and acid balance; supports cardiovascular function; helps prevent muscle cramps. 
Magnesium: Nerve conduction; muscle function; energy production and flow; supports cardiovascular and respiratory function; helps prevent muscle cramps. 
Sodium: Nerve conduction; muscle contraction; water and acid-base balance; thirst response. 
Chloride: Water and acid-base balance; oxygen exchange; the most abundant anion outside the cell. 

  • Ideal for endurance athletes
  • Adds electrolytes to water for better absorption
  • May help with the prevention of cramp
  • Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein free


 Each ½ teaspoon contains,   
 Magnesium 45mg
 Chloride 450mg
 Sodium 125mg
 Potassium 125mg


 Zero Carbs, Fats and Protein