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Two Islands Marine Collagen Unflavoured 305g

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Two Islands Marine Collagen Unflavoured 305g is formulated to improve skin texture and appearance, enhance hydration, elasticity, and density, and reduce fine lines, Marine Collagen Beauty Powder is our holy grail beauty supplement. Our Unflavoured Marine Collagen Beauty Powder is high strength and supports skin elasticity and moisture, healthy hair and nail growth and S\supports joint and bone health through repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and cartilage

Made with 10g of Type I hydrolysed marine collagen per serve to support your body’s natural collagen production, and vitamin C to aid absorption.

Silica, known as the beauty mineral, not only supports the body’s natural collagen production, but further supports hydrated, smooth skin, as well as healthy hair and nails.

Taking a high-quality collagen supplement is an easy way to provide your body with collagen peptides and our marine collagen is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved meaning it is from a verified sustainable fishing source. 

Assists in wound healing and fading of scars making it ideal for use postpartum to support recovery following childbirth. The amino acids in collagen support immune and intestinal barrier health and may support the management of leaky gut and IBS.

Free of taste and smell which gives you the freedom to mix into any liquid. As the powder is water soluble we suggest pairing with your morning coffee, smoothie, bed time tea, juice or stirring into yoghurt.

Ingredients: Marine Collagen (97.8%), Silica, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Suitable during Pregnancy and breastfeeding.