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Microbiome Labs HU58 60 caps

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Microbiome Labs HU58 is a high potency Bacillus Subtilis from that can produce over 12 targeted antibiotics in the intestines, which makes it particularly effective in balancing intestinal microflora.  HU58 was formulated to enhance the efficacy of MegaSporeBiotic.

Bacillus Subtilis HU58 is a friendly bacterial spore that was discovered in a healthy human gut at the University of London. HU58 is an incredibly rugged spore that can withstand extreme pH levels, high temperatures, dehydration, antibiotics, pressure, radiation, and even the harsh environment of the digestive tract. 


Bacillus subtilis HU58 is a very robust probiotic that forms an outer protective shell, known as an endospore. This near-impenetrable coating protects the bacterium from harsh environments, including heat, acid, pressure, light, and lack of oxygen. The rugged nature of Bacillus subtilis makes it the perfect probiotic to survive manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and ultimately digestion. In fact, this species is so resilient that researchers at California Polytechnic State University reported reviving Bacillus spores from the gut of a 25-million-year-old bee that was fossilized in amber.

Benefits of HU58™

  • 100% survivability in the digestive tract
  • 40% increase in short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production
  • Maintains healthy digestion
  • Supports healthy immune function

Gastrointestinal Health Studies



Study Details and Results


Bacillus subtilis (HU58™)

4 weeks

Daily treatment with oral Bacillus subtilis HU58™ for 4 weeks was safe and well-tolerated in study subjects. HU58™ supported healthy blood ammonia levels.

DOI: 10.1155/2020/1463108

Bacillus subtilis (HU58™)

15 days

HU58™ reduced stool from 7-8 stools per day to 1-2 stools per day. Significant improvement was observed in 16 study subjects (scale 4), mild improvement observed in 6 study subjects (scale 5) and no improvement was observed in 8 study subjects (scale 6). HU58™ was safe, well-tolerated and effective in study subjects.

Vol 73 No 4 (2020): The Indian Practitioner

Bacillus subtilis (HU58™)

8 weeks

Supplementation with 2 billion CFUs of Bacillus subtilis HU58™ was shown to support immune function and is well tolerated and safe for consumption in humans.