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Naturopaths Own Daily C 200grams

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Naturopaths Own Daily-C is unique in that it is the only Vitamin C powder with such a huge citrus Bioflavonoid dose (1084mg) per teaspoon, and the ratio is 2 parts ascorbic acid to 1 part bioflavonoid. The high quality bioflavonoids are a blend of hesperidia, rutin and quercetin derived from lemon.

Why Choose Daily-C over your current Vitamin C ?

  • Daily-C contains 3000mg of Vitamin C per teaspoon
  • Daily C contains over 1000mg of Bioflavonoids per teaspoon
  • Daily-C is a powder and is designed to be taken with water, you will absorb MORE Vitamin C that way.
  • Daily-C contains 140 IU's of Vitamin E, which helps to recycle Vitamin C.
  • Daily-C contains Calcium and Magnesium ascorbates to help buffer the Vitamin C, you get a dose of calcium and magnesium daily as well.
  • Daily-C contains zinc. Does your Vitamin C contain zinc? Zinc is an important co-factor for anti-oxidants Vitamins C & E.
  • Daily-C contains REAL natural orange flavour and bioflavonoids from Portugal.
  • Daily-C contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which help to keep the acids more pH balanced, i.e - more alkaline. This ensures that Daily-C is gentle on the tummy.
  • Daily-C contains Stevia as a natural sweetener, nothing artificial in my product.
  • Delicious natural citrus flavour
  • 100% sugar free, contains Stevia
  • Calcium and magnesium ascorbates
  • Vitamin E, Zinc and Beta Carotene
  • Ascorbic acid and Bioflavonoids in optimal 2:1 ratio
  • NO artificial colours OR flavours OR preservatives
  • pH balanced, gentle on the tummy
  • Great for the whole family
  • Natural form of Vitamin E (d-alpha-Tocopherol)
  • Water soluble Vitamin A (Beta-carotene)  

Suggested Use: 

1/2 - 1 tsp daily or as required in a glass of water or juice. Children 5 - 12 years 1/4 - 1 tspn once daily in a glass of water or juice.