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PPMP 84 tabs

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Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate (PPMP). Celloids® are inorganic mineral compounds in cation:anion forms. That is, a positively-charged cation (e.g. Ca2+) combined with a negatively charged anion (e.g. PO4-). These ions are foundational to critical life processes including regulating body fluids (electrolytes), transmission of nerve impulses, structural matrix and growth, enzymatic function and energy production.When we consider that DNA and RNA are polyelectrolytes (specifically bound ions that are required for folding and function of nucleic acids), we can begin to understand the fundamental importance of the ion atmosphere.

The composition of the ion atmosphere in terms of the number of cations and anions around a nucleic acid depends not only on the type of cation present, but also on the anion identity. Correlating this with plants as a source of minerals, consideration also has to be given to soil quality and the availability of nutrients for human nutrition.

As in the human body, in order to maintain electro-neutrality, negative charges on solid particles (soil colloids) are balanced by an equal number of cations. Without the ability of soils to bind both cations and anions, essential plant nutrients would be rapidly washed out of the soil. As most practitioners are aware, part of our nutrition relies on optimum soil quality, something sadly questionable in today’s environment.

Healthcare practitioners prescribe the Celloids® to support and maintain optimal mineral balance for the myriad of aforementioned functions.

These low-dose, low-intervention nutrients are used in concert with the support of the diagnostic tools of body signs to achieve an individual prescription according to naturopathic principles.