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by Flordis
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Flordis Premular is the only natural product proven to reduce physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. Reduced headaches, irritability and anger within 3 months in a randomised controlled trial. Premular is a unique extract (ZE 440) and its results cannot be compared with other brands.

Premular is the only chasteberry product available in Australia that has been clinically trialled. Symptom reduction can be expected within 3 - 6 months. 

Premular, one a day and of natural origin, is an attractive option for PMS sufferers.
  • Easy to take - one small tablet daily.
  • Convenient 30-day blister packed tablets
  • Observed by leading Australian women's health clinic to be superior to other Chasteberry extracts, when assessed by efficacy, consistency and low incidence of negative side effects.