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ProKinetics UltraThin Insoles

Original price $110.00 - Original price $115.00
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$110.00 - $115.00
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The most versatile insoles can be used in any style shoes to improve your gait and posture, and eliminate body pain. The original Posture Control Insoles have been available for over 20 years and are worn by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. After the introduction of the replacement insole style in 2008, we renamed our original insoles the UltraThin. If you need to dress up and wear fancy shoes that don't have removable insoles, choose the UtraThin style. You can also place them under or on top of removable insoles in any shoe or boot.

The advantage with the UltraThin insoles is that they are basically flat and very thin, about 3/32 inch in the main body except the technology underneath the first metatarsal and big toe which adds another 9/64 inch (3.5 mm) at the medial edge. The 6.0 mm insoles add 15/64 inch on the medial edge of the forefoot.

Light Weight and Thin.