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Rapid Recovery Sports Rub 80g Tube

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Natural anti-inflammatory herbal rub for sports injuries to treat muscle, joints & ligaments with Arnica, MSM & Comfrey leaf.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream helps you:

  • Reduce pain naturally – relief begins in just 4 minutes
  • Helps you heal & to repair injuries faster – including ankle sprains, muscular back strain & sciatica pain relief.
  • Muscle Rub for faster muscle and joint warm up & reduced injury risk
  • Recover faster from hard training and avoid DOMS
  • Helps you train harder & compete better
  • Achieve your personal best in the sport you love

Rapid Recovery is an ideal natural pain relief and recovery solution for every aspect of common sport injury, bruising & everyday muscle strain or joint sprains.

After testing on thousands of people in real pain, we know it works fast to give you real relief and helps you heal- naturally.

With ultra high levels of  Arnica to naturally reduce inflammation & bruising, MSM for fast natural pain relief and healing Comfrey leaf and Colloidal minerals to speed up your natural injury recovery & healing process.

Ideal for caring for pulled muscles & painful joints & common sports injuries. Gives you rapid symptomatic relief for muscular back injury and sciatic nerve pain, for bruising, sprains and strains. Effective for healing repetitive strains or Over use (OOS or RSI) conditions.

And its safer for you….After 15 years we have had no known health risks or harmful side effects unlike the delayed healing and many risks of NSAID drugs and gels.