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Shake It Vanilla flavour 554 g oral powder

This is a practitioner-only product. Please arrange a telephone consultation with our health care practitioners to ensure this product is suitable for you.

In healthy people, ingredients in Shake It have been shown to or may:

  • Support sustained weight management in conjunction with the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program.
  • A unique soy and whey protein combination for improved satiety while preserving and growing muscle mass.
  • Less than 3.0 g carbohydrates plus 20 g protein to increase thermogenesis and lean body composition.
  • A great tasting high protein, low carbohydrate meal substitute shake that mixes easily with water.

Shake It shakes provide 20 g protein, from a unique combination of soy and whey, to increase fullness and satiety. Increasing protein intake enhances the satiating effect of circulating leptin in the central nervous system.4 Increasing protein has shown to stimulate cholecystokinin secretion and suppress plasma ghrelin, increasing satiety. This blend of protein also allows for fast and intermediate protein digestion rates to prolong amino acid delivery to tissues and assist in muscle synthesis.

Reduced carbohydrate diets have been shown to assist with weight management. A randomised, four month weight loss trial measured the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate diet in comparison to a high carbohydrate diet in 48 women. There were greater reductions in body weight in the groups consuming the higher protein, reduced carbohydrate diet. The reduced body weight was predominantly fat mass with a 5.9 kg reduction in the restricted carbohydrate group, increasing to 8.8 kg with the addition of exercise.