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Vitamin D3 1000IU capsules

This is a practitioner-only product. Please arrange a telephone consultation with our health care practitioners to ensure this product is suitable for you.

Metagenics Vitamin D3 1000IU helps to maintain a healthy immune function, supports strong, healthy bones & muscle strength.

 Vitamin D has been shown to play an important role in supporting the immune system. Vitamin D enhances the response to both bacterial and viral pathogens, by promoting differentiation and activity of our white blood cells called macrophages. Vitamin D has also been shown to influence the cytokine production of immune cells, helping to control inflammation in the body.

Vitamin D helps calcium absorption by improving the efficiency of intestinal calcium absorption and also helps with  parathyroid hormone regulation of serum calcium levels. In a low vitamin D state, the intestine absorbs 10% – 15% of dietary calcium compared to 30% to 40% with adequate vitamin D levels.

A meta-analysis of 12 randomised controlled trials has shown vitamin D to reduce the risk of fractures in the elderly. Vitamin D significantly reduced the risk of hip fracture by 26% and non-vertebral fracture by 23%. Alongside adequate calcium consumption, vitamin D may help to reduce the risk of falls that leads to fractures, by playing a role in musculoskeletal function. Vitamin D has been shown to have direct effects on muscular function, modulated by specific vitamin D receptors present on human muscle tissue. In a separate, double-blind RCT, vitamin D taken with calcium significantly improved musculoskeletal function, reducing the amount of falls in older adults by 49% over 3 months.

Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

25 micrograms

Equivalent Vitamin D3

1000 IU

Free from dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast, soy protein, starches and salt. Free from artificial colours and flavours.